Office of the Bursar

Electronic Billing

E-Bill is now available for viewing and paying your term bill. Each month all enrolled students and authorized payers will be invited via email to view and pay term bills.

Students can enroll an unlimited number of authorized payers to view their account. Each authorized payer will receive an email when the monthly billing statement is ready for viewing and payment. Payments may be made electronically, via check, wire or by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) with a convenience fee of 2.99%.

Only a student can enroll an authorized user; the College cannot enroll someone for you. Students and their families should discuss who should receive term bills. Each student will receive a term bill each month. If a family does not wish to receive an E-Bill, the student can print the bill or electronically forward it.

Please email: bursar@williams.edu with any questions regarding your bill or student account.