For Parents and Families

College is a major investment for every student and every student’s family. Here we offer a variety of strategies to meet those commitments in manageable and simple ways. Our comprehensive Guide to Financing Your Williams College Education 2017-2018 is a great place to start.

Williams’ Fall Term bill is issued each year in mid-July and is due by August 15; the Spring Term bill is issued each year in mid-December and is due by January 15.

Bills are available only through the Student Account Center (SAC), and you will only receive an email notification and have access to them online if your student has given you access to the SAC. Learn how to gain access to our billing system under “Gaining Access to Williams’ Billing System” below. 

Please note that if bills are not paid by the due date there will be a registration hold on the student’s account that restricts the ability to drop or add courses, and a late payment fee may also be assessed.

Many families take advantage of our monthly installment plan, which is administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). The installment payment plan divides the fall and spring spring term bills into five or four monthly payments each semester. You can enroll right away here or by calling TMS at 800-208-5804. (Don’t enroll in the TMS payment plan for any term when your student will be participating in a study away program other than the Williams Oxford program or the Williams-Mystic program.​)

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have at [email protected] or 413-597-4396.

  • When to Pay
    Williams’ Fall Term bill is issued each year in mid-July and is due by August 15. The Spring Term bill is issued each year in mid-December and is due by January 15. Additional billing statements are sent on a monthly basis with any miscellaneous charges (i.e., EPH Points, lost ID, room openings, library fines, parking violation fines, textbook charges, course packet charges, etc.) or credits (i.e., payments, textbook grants, course packet grants, etc.) that are posted to the student’s account during the course of the term.
  • How to Pay
    Williams uses Tuition Management Systems’ Student Account Center (SAC) to make student account information and billing statements available online to students and others to whom the student has granted access to view student account information in real-time, to make one-time payments, and to set up installment payment plans and make monthly payments.

    For a brief demonstration on how to use the SAC go here.

    Incoming first-year students, transfer students, and readmitted students are sent an email in mid-June asking them to register themselves for the SAC.

    Once you are enrolled in the Williams Student Account Center, simply log in and click on the Statements tab to see your current and past billing statements. The statement at the top of the list is the most current one. Click on the statement to view the details. You can make a one-time payment towards your balance or an installment plan payment (if you are enrolled in the installment payment plan for the applicable term) right from the Student Account Center.

    If you wish to pay by check, please send it directly to our office at:

    Williams College Bursar’s Office
    PO Box 406
    Williamstown, MA 01267

    International students may pay via a wire transfer process through Flywire (formerly peerTransfer), which enables you to pay from any country and any bank. Flywire provides excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save money as compared to traditional banks. You will also be able to track where your payment is in the transfer process via a student dashboard and an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you when Williams receives your payment. To make a wire payment go here.

  • What Types of Payment Are Accepted?
    Williams accepts checks, money orders and electronic transfers from your bank to our bank. Credit card payments (with a convenience fee of 2.99%, $1 minimum) can be accepted from MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express and must be made through the Student Account Center. Credit card payments cannot be accepted at the Bursar’s office or over the phone.
  • Installment Payment Plan
    For families looking for help with their semester payments, trying to maximize savings, or reduce loan debt, Williams offers the Installment Payment Plan administered by Tuition Management Systems. This payment plan allows families to spread semester expenses over five or four monthly payments each semester. (Payment Plan Schedule: Fall Semester: 5 monthly payments from July 1 through November 1 OR 4 monthly payments from August 1 through November 1; Spring Semester: 5 monthly payments from December 1 through April 1 OR 4 monthly payments from January 1 through April 1.) Your only cost for this service is a $40 per semester enrollment fee if enrolling on or before August 14 for fall semester or January 14 for spring semester. There is a $60 per semester enrollment fee if you enroll after August 14 for fall semester or after January 14 for spring semester. To enroll or for more information, contact Tuition Management Systems at or call 800-208-5804.