Williams College Refund Policy & Tuition Refund Insurance

Federal regulations require that all educational institutions disclose their refund policy to all prospective students. In accordance with that regulation, below is the Williams College Refund Policy for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Fall Semester, 2016
Date of Withdrawal
Amount Refunded Spring Semester, 2017
Date of Withdrawal
Prior to start of classes Sep. 8 100% tuition, room, board Prior to start of classes Feb. 1
Week 1: Sep. 8 – 14 90% tuition, board only* Feb. 1 – 7
Week 2: Sep. 15 – 21 80% tuition, board only Feb. 8 – 14
Week 3: Sep. 22 – 28 70% tuition, board only Feb. 15 – 21
Week 4: Sep. 29 – Oct. 5 60% tuition, board only Feb. 22 – 28
Week 5: Oct. 6 – 12 50% tuition, board only Mar. 1 – 7
Week 6: Oct. 13 – 19 40% tuition, board only Mar. 8 – 14
Week 7: Oct. 20 – 26 30% tuition, board only Mar. 15 – 21
Week 8: Oct. 27 – Nov. 2 20% tuition, board only Mar. 22 – 28
No refund after November 2, 2016 No refund after March 28, 2017

* Housing and miscellaneous fees are not pro-rated after the start of classes. Coverage under the College’s student health insurance plan will continue for the length of the plan (August 15, 2016 – August 14, 2017).

For students receiving Title IV federal funds, repayment of federal funds on a pro-rata basis will be determined up to the 60% point of the semester per federal regulation. Please note that withdrawal late in the semester could result in a balance owed to the college for federal aid that must be returned to the program.

Repayment is first made to federal programs in the following order: Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Load, Federal Direct PLUS Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal ACG, National Smart, Federal SSIG, Robert Byrd Scholarship.  Any remaining credit balance reimburses other sources in the following order: Williams scholarship, other scholarships, other parent loan programs and family. Specific examples are available on request.

The college offers an optional insurance program to supplement the Williams College Refund Policy in cases of medical withdrawals.  The GradGuardTM insurance program is available to help refund your tuition, room/board charges, and fees, up to the annual policy limits, if the student is unable to complete the semester due to a covered medical reason. GradGuard Tuition Refund Insurance, underwritten by Markel Insurance Company, reimburses up to 100% of tuition and other related expenses up to the policy limits if a student is unable to complete the semester due to a covered medical event, such as an accident, injury, illness, or mental health issue. Mental health withdrawals are subject to a required hospitalization stay of at least 24 hours within 30 days of the date of withdrawal. The plan also includes coverage for the death of a student or tuition payer.

We encourage families to review the information on this optional insurance program carefully to determine if you would benefit from this added protection. Please visit GradGuard for additional information, complete terms and conditions of each benefit, and to enroll. The deadline to enroll for the 2016-17 academic year is the first day of fall term classes, which is September 8, 2016.